Celebration Crown - 3 Styles!<br>    Check out ALL Photos
Celebration Crowns - All 3 Styles

Celebration Crown - 3 Styles!
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Three crowns! It will be hard to choose the right style for just you!

The festive designs are simply wonderful. Each is die-cut in a different fashion. The images are reproduced from real Vintage scraps and Dresdens, antique sheet music, Spencerian writing, paper lace and so many other antique bits and pieces from the artist's collection.

Each crown has a luminous banner - folded by hand just right to add dimension to the front: CELEBRATE! And the hand-applied iridescent glitter creates such a magical sparkle.

The backs of the crowns are the same. Here you're offered a place to personalize each crown with the special person's name, a commemoration, date and the presenter.

Aside from the traditional use - as a coronet for the star celebrant, why not use one as a centerpiece for the celebration? A birthday, wedding shower, or just going for a walk.

Crowns are printed on sturdy, pliable specialty paper, with colored eyelets laced with silken ribbon at either end.

Measurements (when flat):
  • Height: 7 inches
  • Width: 17-1/2 inches

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