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Ceramic High Fire Urn Featuring a Perched Owl and the Moon

Ceramic High Fire Urn Featuring a Perched Owl and the Moon

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Made in Peru
This enchanting ceramic urn features a wise looking owl perched on a barren tree below a full moon.

The urn is finished without a glaze and painting on the outside, but high fired for added strength. The lack of glaze and/or painting gives this urn an almost eerie look, almost a vintage horror movie feel. Of course, it could be just as wonderful with color, giving it a warmer, friendlier feel.

As with all of our jug pendants, the inside is glazed to hold liquids. They are not meant for food or drink contents, so, you might add an essential oil, or some earth from a special place for safekeeping.

Although meant to be worn as pendants, we think this would be perfect for any assemblage, shrine or collage project you might be considering.

It measures 1-7/8 inch high by 1-1/2 inch wide and comes with a cork stopper.

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