Ceramic Urn - Raku Bodice Vessel Pendant
Ceramic Urn - Raku Bodice Vessel Pendant

Ceramic Urn - Raku Bodice Vessel Pendant

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* Made in Peru
The shiny and colorful urn is made of raku ceramic created by low-fire glazing. The ocean-sky hue ranges from dark blues to the palest of turquoise all in one pendant! The raku process with its iridescent swirls guarantees that each pendant will be slightly different, making it more yours.

The pendant urn is glazed on the inside to hold liquids. But, it is not meant for food or drink contents, so, you might add an essential oil, or some earth from a special place for safekeeping.

Although meant to be worn as pendants, we think this lovely bodice would be perfect any assemblage, shrine or collage project you might be considering. With some imagination, you could even change her into an art doll!

Each pendant features two holes (one on either side of the cork) for hanging. Not including the cork, the urn is 2 inches high by 1 inch wide at the widest point.

Two pendants are shown to illustrate the front and back.

Second quality pendants have slight, almost invisible, cracking on the back of the bodice.

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