Chakra Healing Meditation Kit
Chakra Healing Meditation Kit

Chakra Healing Meditation Kit

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The Seven Chakras are an ancient division of the main energy centers of the body. They are considered to be swirling vortexes of energy that regulated the flow of life throughout our bodies. Depending on on our moods, feelings and physical well-being, these centers are open, shut or partially open. They are an integral part of the life force within us that make our whole mind and body work together.

The Chakras are represented by colors, minerals and flower. This wonderful kit features the natural stones associated with each of the chakras. Once in balance, ones chakras might represent a life-energy that is unmatched. You might use this kit to help maintain that balance for yourself.

This thoughtful meditation and healing kit features nine natural mineral healing stones, a vial of distilled water & salt crystals (for stone cleansing & charging). 

Stones include 1 stone each for chakras 1,2,3,5,6 plus 2 stones (aventurine and rose quartz) for the heart chakra, plus a quartz tumbled stone plus a raw quartz crystal for the crown chakra.a.

The kit comes with complete instructions and a velveteen bag for safekeeping.

This kit, while created with thought and care, is intended for your entertainment and pleasure. We cannot guarantee that you'll be able to balance your life with it, but we certainly hope that it might assist you in that goal.

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