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Cowboy Roping and Rope Tricks - Learn for your Self Book
Cowboy Roping and Rope Tricks - Learn for your Self Book

Cowboy Roping and Rope Tricks - Learn for your Self Book

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We've seen it on America's Got Talent and we've been amazed by it for years  - Cowboy Roping! Now this republication of the first (1928) edition, with a Foreword by Will Rogers "Warning!" by Fred Stone; "Advice" by Elsie Janis.

Exhibition rope spinning is a hundred-year-old American sport with strong Mexican roots, born amid the sights, sounds, smells and excitement of the great American West. One of the best of the old-time champion rope spinners was Chester Byers. When he wrote this book, he had behind him twenty years' experience of spinning his rope into rolls, figure 8s and zigzags in stampedes, rodeos, roundups and frontier days all over the United States of America. He has a good way with words, too, and if you'll follow his directions, you'll soon find yourself managing the rope like an old hand.

Besides being a wonderful spectacle, rope spinning makes great exercise, too. Even the first stunts the beginner learns - the Simple Flat Loop, the Vertical Loop and the Wedding Ring  - bring into play the muscles of the right and left arms, shoulders, neck, back and legs. More difficult stunts like the Butterfly, Ocean Wave, Zigzag and Roll-over even professional athletes and dancers find real exercise! Practicing these complex stunts will not only keep you in good physical shape, but will sharpen the coordination of hand, eye and body.

In addition to clear written explanations, this book contains plenty of drawings that show you just how to stand, the correct positioning of hands and arms, how to hold the rope and so forth. All the information you'll need to begin rope spinning or improve your skill at it, is here: the best kinds of spinning rope, the type of honda preferable for different stunts, how to overcome typical beginner difficulties such as twists and kinks in the rope, and similar material.

There are photographs of the author, Will Rogers and other great rope spinners; illustrations of the different types of spinning ropes and loads of instructional photos & drawings as well as a list of trick and fancy ropers.

This trade paperback measures 5-3/8 by 8 inches and contains xxiii + 99 pages.

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