Curly Angel Hair Lametta
Curly Angel Hair Lametta

Curly Angel Hair Lametta

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* Made in Germany

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This lovely silver coated copper angel hair is really German lametta. It is bright silver, shinier and more exciting than standard lametta angel hair. This is true lametta - not just colored round wire. It is made with an old world process - rolling the wire, treating it and plating it - each strand - and then twirling and curling it.

You will find similar vintage lametta, but you'll be delighted to know that ours is lead free - safe for any project you might imagine! We especially love it for making Christmas ornaments!

Each package contains a generous amount of lametta, weighing about about 1/2 ounce. You'll find that this is a lot of curly wire as the lametta is very light weight. Just a little goes a long way. Fluff it up or stretch it out for best results.

Not for use by children.

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