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Cute Little Vintage Santa Duo with Merry Christmas Sign

Cute Little Vintage Santa Duo with Merry Christmas Sign

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We believe that these were blissfully placed in the putz (under the tree) of someone in the 1940s or 1950s.

For their age, these cute little Santas seem to be doing quite well. Even the second quality ones are in good shape other than no longer being fully attached.We believe that they can be repaired by loving and skilled hands but have not attempted this ourselves.

It's amazing to think that the items that were used to create these little guys: spun cotton for the head, felt for the hat and coat, chenille for the edges of the hat and coat, cardboard for the base. These items are all still used today to do the same sort of creation. For as much as technology has changed our lives over the past 60-70 years, some things remain the same.

To protect these delightful little guys from any more harm, we have pre-packaged all of them. So please, let us select one for you of whichever option you choose.

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