Day of the Dead Charm Bracelet Kit
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Day of the Dead Charm Bracelet Kit

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We made this very special Day of the Dead Charm Bracelet to sell as an exclusive SilverCrow design. And, then we thought what fun it might be if you could make your own. So, we gathered together just about everything you need (even a bit of inspiration) and put it in a little box for you to make your own very special Day of the Dead Charm Bracelet. It might even be fun to add a few things of your own!

You'll still need a couple of pairs of jewelry pliers, some scissors, a pair of cutters and a place to work. Many of the included items are SilverCrow Classics available throughout our website. But there are a few special items that are vintage or that we made especially for this kit that you can't get anywhere else!

Each kit is different so that your bracelet will be unique. But most of the parts are similar. Possible inclusions are:

  • Oxidized Metal Toggle Charm Bracelet (either copper, brass, gunmetal or silver)
  • Hand-Carved Gemstone Crosses
  • Unique Juliana's Dangly - hand-made dangly multi-part charm (colors vary)
  • Rosary Chain Pieces
  • Old-Fashioned Our Lady of Guadalupe Medal
  • Treasure Capsule
  • Beaded Skull  Charm (colors vary) - SilverCrow Exclusive
  • Glass or Plastic Fruit Beads
  • Skull & Skeleton Beads & Charms (maybe even angels)
  • Seed Beads
  • Evil Eye Beads or Charms
  • Mini Frame Charms
  • Caravaca Cross or Vintage Copper Cross
  • Crystals
  • Beads and Charms
  • Miniature Crows
  • Selection of Tiny Pictures for Frame Charms - SilverCrow Exclusive
  • Headpins, Eyepins & Jump Rings
  • Amulet (St Lazarus Crutch, Chameleon or Other)
  • Gift Pouch (just in case you dare give it away!)
  • More Charms & Beads
  • Basic Instructions - Including How to Make a Charm from a Bead
  • Reusable Box

For experienced as well as beginning jewelry makers, this should be a lot of fun. We have included basic instructions. If you've never made a bracelet or anything like this before, you might want to practice a bit first, but only a little bit.

The kit picture shows 2 kits and a finished bracelet. Finished bracelet not included - it is just an example of one you might make!

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