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Day of the Dead Loteria

Day of the Dead Loteria

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Made in Mexico

What a very special Loteria this is! It seems that in Mexico, there are at least 100 names for death! This loteria celebrates 50 of these names. This game is played in the same manner as the traditional loteria games, the only difference being the images.

Mexican artist Erik de Luna has captured the essence of these 100 names and has created this really neat game with 50 of those images. The 10 tablas or playing boards each feature 9 images representing La Muerta (death). The playing deck features 50 different images - one on each of the cards. The tablas each measure 9 by 13-1/2 inches and the cards measure 2-1/2 by 3-3/4 inches

To play, simply shuffle the cards, then, turn them over one at a time and call out the name of the card. Contestants place a marker on the image of that card if it is on their playing boards. The rest is just like BINGO!

We love these not only for their adaptation into the loteria game, but for their eccentricity and wonderful artwork. You might choose to integrate this into your art rather than play the game.

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