Die Bunte Welt - The Colorful World - Cigarette Cards Collectors Album
Die Bunte Welt - The Colorful World - Cigarette Cards Collectors Album

Die Bunte Welt - The Colorful World - Cigarette Cards Collectors Album

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A special scrapbook or collectors' book for cigarette cards of world events, people and other images, Die Bunte Welt (The Colorful World) is the best we've seen. There are other such books available, but this old fashioned one is extraordinary in its production.

There are divider leaves of protective paper (similar to waxed paper), protecting the leaves from sticking together. Collectible cigarette cards are glued in numbered boxes to keep them neat and tidy - and it helped the collector determine which cards were collected and which s/he needed. Each card is followed by a description - the same as the description on the back of the individual card.

Each full color card measures 2-1/4 inches by 1-9/16 inch. The scrapbook cover is heavy card stock - not quite cardboard with embossed images and words accented in golden ink. The book measures 11 inches wide by 9-1/2 inches high. There are 45 pages total, made of high quality linen cardstock.

The scrapbook is almost complete with most of the cards. A few are missing, but might be amongst the pages. Others are loose as the adhesive was lightly applied. You'll find them within their respective pages. We did not want to disturb it too much to retain its collectability. The book is written in German. An explanation of each card is below the card space. On intermittent pages, there are full color images of historical scenes.

Oh, how much there is to learn! If you are not a German speaker, the internet will allow you to translate the descriptions - so much easier than looking up each word.

We are not experts in German nor are we in collector's cards. So, we are not sure of the details of the cards themselves. There are images of Asian cities and people, Roman Emperors, political cartoons, insects, buildings, Native Americans, fish and much, much more.

There will be an additional charge to ship this internationally. If you want to know how much it will be before you order, please CONTACT US for an estimate.

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