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Do It Yourself Silvery Doll

Do It Yourself Silvery Doll

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We are so excited to offer you this Do It Yourself (DIY) silvery doll. She will look so lovely added to your miniatures. She might even tell you, "You complete me!" That is of course, after you complete her in whatever fashion you desire.

Of course, instead of adding her to your miniatures, you could also turn her into an extra special pendant. Simply add a bead to the hanging wire for her face (or maybe leave her headless, such as to create a Marie Antoinette pendant). Maybe even make a matched pair of dolls to create a darling new pair of earrings. The way that her body dangles, we believe she would be just delightful as such.

You may have noticed that I keep referring to this doll as, "she." That is because she is not a skeleton but rather a female doll's body. Her arms and legs are maneuverable at the shoulders and hips respectively.

She measures 1-5/8 inches tall (3-1/2 inches tall including the hanging wire) by 1/2 inch wide.  Of course, moving the arms and legs will modify the size.

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