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Dolly the Dalmatian Flocked Nodder

Dolly the Dalmatian Flocked Nodder

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When we found this Dalmatian nodder (bobble head) at an estate sale still in the original box, we immediately thought of our dear, departed Dolly. How we miss her! Just like this nodder, she was always ready to please and agree with us.

You may wish to change the dog's name when you purchase her (or him if you decide it that way), but for us we could never see a Dalmatian without thinking it should be a female named Dolly.

It measures 7-1/4 inches from nose to tail by 4 inches high by 2-3/4 inch wide. The dog is lightly flocked, almost giving it the feel of fur. You almost feel like you are petting a real dog.

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