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Do's & Don'ts of Yesteryear - Reproduction Book
Do's & Don'ts of Yesteryear - Reproduction Book

Do's & Don'ts of Yesteryear - Reproduction Book

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A delightful mixture of early American know-how and good old-fashioned gentility, Eric Sloane's Do's and Don'ts captures the spirit of bygone America in words and pictures. Combining two of the beloved folk historian's nostalgic how-to guides, this collection offers vintage, homespun advice that recalls "the joy of doing things not just the old-fashioned way, but plainly the right way."

A shining historical gem, this little book of American lore recalls a more kindly, less hurried time. Lovingly gathered by "Mr. Americana" himself from colonial-era almanacs and diaries, hundreds of brief reflections spread time-honored wisdom on everything from curing hiccups, lighting a proper fire, and mending clothing and furniture, to predicting the weather, making soap and getting rid of ants, bees, swallows - and boring houseguests! Sloane's evocative drawings add the perfect finishing touch.

Here are a few examples from the book:

Do hammer a squared peg into a round hole when you wish a wood joint to stay. A hardwood stick, if partly squared, will soon "weld" itself in a round-holed softwood piece and stay tight throughout the years.


Do make a simple soap by using potatoes three-fourths boiled and then mashed. This not only cleans hands but also prevents winter chap.


Do roll newspapers into rolls by wrapping them with string. A Stack of these "logs" will do almost as well in your fireplace as real wood.


Don't contradict. Difference of opinion is no cause of offense, but downright contradiction is a violation of canons of good society.


Don't lean or rest your elbows upon the dinner table.


Don't be in haste to introduce. Be sure that it is mutually desired before presenting any one person to another.

This unabridged hardback book with dustcover is a republication of the editions published by Walker and Company, New York, 1968 and 1972. There are 144 pages in this 4-1/2 by 7 inch book.

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