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Dove's Blood Ink

Dove's Blood Ink

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Of course this ink is not really made of dove's blood. In the ancient tradition of writing out magical spells, petitions, prayers and wishes, the strongest entreaties were written in blood.

In medieval Greece and Rome, Dove's Blood Ink would have been made with the actual life-blood of a snow white dove, a sacred bird of love and domesticity. Then a lovely floral fragrance would have been added to the ink to mask the scent of the sacrifice.

Over the centuries since Medieval times, scented red inks were gradually substituted for the original biological inks. Our 1 ounce bottle of Dove's Blood Ink is made of pigmented ink and it is lightly scented with a floral fragrance, reminiscent of the medieval inks.

Dove's Blood ink is traditionally used for writing spells involving the positive energies of love, romance and peace. It is also used for the small petitions that might be added to amulets and talismans directed at love and peace. You might choose to use it in your thank you prayers and petitions as well. When used for these purposes, it is said to assist in granting you a more likely success than with plain inks.

Some people choose to write their spells in Dove's Blood Ink and then to burn the paper on which the spell is written. This is your choice.

The ink may be used in a fountain pen or with a metal nib pen, it is most traditional to use a feather quill when writing such petitions on parchment.

Bottle may vary slightly.

This item is available only in the 48 contiguous USA states. Due to USPS regulations we are only allowed to ship this by ground service.

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