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Eastern Woodland's Native American Silver-Plated Brooch - Mini Heart Shape

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Eastern Woodlands Native American Indians have used trade silver brooches to decorate their pow-wow and ceremonial regalia for years and years. Our heart brooch is made in the tradition of brooches made for generations.

This distinctive style is representative of the tribes of the Eastern Woodlands. And, although meant for traditional accompaniment to native shirts, bags and other gear, we think this sweet heart pin appropriate for any special blouse or even for your artwork.

The traditional look is very special and will lend itself to your shrines and memory keepers. The pin swings from the back and, as with classic brooches, there is no additional clasp. The heart measures about 1 inch high and about 3/4 inch wide. These are handmade as they always were.

Each is silver-plated copper or tin, so there will be some tarnish patina to the of them, just as would be in the 1700s when they were introduced in trade by the Europeans. Such a patina adds the appropriate authenticity to the regalia. Of course, you might choose to polish yours.

We like them better that way. But, of course, you can polish your heart, if you choose.

This item has been procured from a Native American seller. This item is not Native American Indian produced, a Native American Indian product or the product of a particular Native American Indian, Native American Indian Tribe or Native American Indian Arts and Crafts Organization.

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