Edvard Munch - Fine Art Stickers
Edvard Munch - Fine Art Stickers

Edvard Munch - Fine Art Stickers

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Norwegian artist Edvard Munch (1863-1944) is often associated with the Expressionists, but he was really a Symbolist who worked as a painter and a printmaker. He certainly had a large influence on the Expressionists. Perhaps most widely known for his famous painting from 1893 entitled The Scream, it is little known that he actually painted several versions of it - as he did with many of his paintings. The Scream was originally called Despair. Munch explored many aspects of life and love, but was most focused on the dark side: melancholy, fear and death. His anxiety is present in each of his works as is his odd sense of woman - either frail or devouring.

Included in this wonderful sticker collection are: Madonna, Self-Portrait, Anxiety, The Death Bed, The Day After, Melancholy, The Dance of Life, The Scream, and 8 others.

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