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Egyptian Temporary Tattoos

Egyptian Temporary Tattoos

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This little book contains 10 temporary tattoos based on authentic Egyptian art motifs.

They are safe and nontoxic tattoos that are easily applied and removed - as long as you follow the directions on the inside back cover. They will wear off in a few days on their own, however.

You might also want to use these for card making, collage or other art projects - but be sure to secure them well and maybe use a coating over them for preservation.

The motifs are identified by number (be sure to cut off the number before you apply your tattoo!):

    1. Nekhbet (vulture goddess)
    2. Bast (goddess of music and dance (cat))
    3. Bust of Queen Nefertiti
    4. Scarab
    5. Sphinx
    6. Funeral mask of King Tutankhamen (King Tut)
    7. Ankh (symbol of life)
    8. Wedjat (solar eye)
    9. Lotus and Papyrus flowers
    10. Horus (sky god (falcon))

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