Every Man his own Doctor Facsimile Reproduction Book
Every Man his own Doctor Facsimile Reproduction Book

Every Man his own Doctor Facsimile Reproduction Book

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This reproduction facsimile edition is a copy of a book that was originally entitled, The Housekeepers Guide. Originally printed in 1835, it offers extraordinary insight into medical views and practices of the 19th century. The subtitle is A Cure of the Human Body. Actually, this little book is loaded with recipes for potions and elixirs that were actually used way back then.

Of course we do not recommend any of these for use other than entertainment and education - certainly not for use. In fact, the publisher even supplies such a caveat on the opening page:
The publishers wish it to be
known that they take no
responsibility for the use of
any of the recipes and pre-
scriptions in the facsimile
publication in any form
Here's a little sampling of what is included:
  • FOR PIMPLES ON THE FACE: Muriatic quicksilver twenty grains, dissolved in muriatic acid, bitter almonds half an ounce (blanched,) water, one pint. Wash the face once a day until the eruptions disappear.

  • TO STOP WOUNDS FROM BLEEDING: Take burnt leather, powdered, bole in powder, dragon's blood, in powder, mix some spirits of wine with them, then lay it on with fine soft lint.

  • EYE WATER: Half a pint of the best brandy, two pints of spring water, and one ounce of the sugar of lead, mix them together and it is ready for use.
There are even concoctions for cleaning clothes and shoes.

The paperbound book measures 7 by 4-1/4 inches and contains a very interesting 64 pages.

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