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Everybody's Book of Epitaphs

Everybody's Book of Epitaphs

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Made in England
Aptly subtitled,

What the Living Think of the Dead

this delightful odd-sized (5-1/3 inches by 4-1/10 inches) paperback is reproduced in authentic style. Having been compiled by W. H. Howe, it was first published in 1885. Its 128 pages are graced with so many grave writings; those that bring a tear to the eye; some that elicit a grin to the face and a bit of laughter when shared, such as:

Under this sod lies Jouni Round
Who was lost at sea and never found

Covering the famous to the poor - some amusing, some sad, some historical, some enlightening, all are fascinating:

In a Woolrich Churchyard:

As I am now, so you must be.
Therefore, prepare to follow me.

Added by his wife and executry:

To follow you I'm not content
Unless I know which way you went.

From Shoreditch Churchyard:

We must all die, there is no doubt;
Your glass is running - mine is out.

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