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Exceptional Large Tin Ex Voto of a LEG

Exceptional Large Tin Ex Voto of a LEG

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Unknown Origin, Probably Made in Peru


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Ex votos are much the same as milagros, used as a votive offering in prayer to the Saints, to Jesus or to the Blessed Mother. Both milagros and ex votos are given either in gratitude for prayers answered or for an offering for prayers yet to be answered.

The believer chooses an ex voto (or milagro) that represents the subject of the prayer. This elegantly made voto was created in the image of a leg. Perhaps it might represent a broken leg, lameness or other malady of the leg. Or, you might be praying for speed. The leg does include the knee and the foot, so those, too might be of your prayer.

This ex voto is vintage, made of tin, and measures 4-5/8 inches by 1-1/2 inch.

Such ex votos are similar to milagros and have been created by artisans in many countries for over a hundred years. It is hard to determine the origin of this leg ex voto. We expect it to have been made in Peru.

You might also find ex votos from Greece, Spain and Mexico.

As you can see in the photos, the tin has been pounded into shape by an artisan so long ago. The front is convex; so, of course, the back is concave. This is best represented by the foot as you can see.

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