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Facsimile Reproduction of Old Aunt Elspa's ABCs

Facsimile Reproduction of Old Aunt Elspa's ABCs

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Made in England

We are quite taken with facsimile editions of books and documents. Such fun they are allowing us to pretend that we lived in a different time. And this charming Abecedarium is just so much fun. Originally published in 1884 in London and it's loaded with poems, ABC words and pictures that are quite eccentric:

Then: -

A          For an Artist          a


Alphabet too.

B          For Birch-rod,          b

a Bad Boy, and


You need'nt look saucy

And shake up your curls,

For some o' these B's

Do as well for the Girls.

The tons of woodcuts are by Joseph Craw hall (1821-1896). His thick limed woodcut style was in stark contrast to contemporary printers of the time.

This stapled booklet is printed on 24 pages of tannish paper that makes it look old. This load of fun measures 8-1/4 by 7-3/4 inches.

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