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Fine Art Stickers: Marc Chagall

Fine Art Stickers: Marc Chagall

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The unique vision of Russian-born French painter Marc Chagall made him one of the most popular artists of the 20th century. His exuberant, poetic style drew upon childhood memories to create irrational, dreamlike images. He was best known for his unique ability to create whimsical and unusual images. His innovative style was influenced by expressionism, Cubism and Abstractionism. Spontaneously combining pictorial and formal elements have enabled him to express a feeling of psychic reality throughout his work.

This vibrant collection presents sixteen of Chagall's best works as pressure-sensitive stickers. Included are beautiful reproductions of Ida at the Window, The Cellist, The Green Violinist, Midsummer Night's Dream and a dozen more - 16 full-color stickers in all.

Use these wonderful stickers to decorate and beautify gift packages, letters, notebooks - almost any flat surface. We like them as well for dollhouse wall art.

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