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Fine Art Stickers: Paul Cézanne
Fine Art Stickers: Paul Cézanne

Fine Art Stickers: Paul Cézanne

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The French painter Paul Cezanne is considered by…
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The French painter Paul Cézanne is considered by many to be the father of modern art. Few artists from his seminal era had the lasting and powerful influence that he had, breaking new ground not only for the Cubists but for the pioneers of other abstract art movements as well. He produced portraits, still lifes and landscapes that reveal a meticulous concern with structure, along with a painstaking analysis of color.

Sixteen of his best paintings are beautifully reproduced here in sticker format, among them The Great Pine, Still Life with Apples, Woman in Blue, Smoker, The Card Players, Seated Man, Bather with Outstretched Arms, Still Life with Jug and Fruits and eight others.

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