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Fine Art Stickers: Vincent van Gogh

Fine Art Stickers: Vincent van Gogh

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Widely regarded as the greatest and most revolutionary Dutch artist after Rembrandt, Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) produced hundreds of drawings and oil paintings during his brief career as an artist. Often employing violently interacting colors and forms in his work, he exerted enormous influence on the art world of his era. This excellent collection of 16 expressionistic masterpieces, painstakingly reproduced in sticker format, recalls van Gogh's brilliant legacy.

Included are Sunflowers, The Bridge at Langlois, The Postman Roulin, The Churches at Auvers, Vincent's Chair, Café Terrace by Night, Siesta, La Berceuse, Self-Portrait with Gray Hat, Portrait of Dr. Gachet and six others. Embellish gifts, letters, notebooks and much, much more.

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