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Fiskars Hand Drill Set including Drill Bits

Fiskars Hand Drill Set including Drill Bits

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Sometimes, a power drill is just too much tool for the job, that's when our handy Fiskars' Hand Drill just fits the bill. The comfort-grip design makes it easier to use than the old-time hand drills, but still gives you the stability that you need. The side crank moves enclosed gears so that even long hair won't get caught in them (yes, this did happen to one of us years ago and, yes, it did hurt - not to mention how embarrassing it was!)

The 1/4-inch chuck fits standard drill bits, so you won't have to search around for specialty parts. And - 4 bits arrive with your drill. This light duty tool will prove to be an indispensable addition to your art box, or your handy around-the-house tool box.

The color of the drill may vary, so please let us choose one for you.

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