Flip Top After Therapy Tin (Tin Only)
Flip Top After Therapy Tin (Tin Only)

Flip Top After Therapy Tin (Tin Only)

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Oh, well, here's the tin. We've emptied of its mints. Repurposing items is a fun way to help the earth - while still being creative. Here's a good chance.

So, not you can use one of these little tins to create your own special artwork. Maybe even a shrine to Freud himself. (Makes a great pillbox, too.)

This Freudian tin offers the advice:
This non-hysteria inducing confection to be taken orally, before, during or after session.
Great for a wrapping for a tiny gift. After all, a confection need not be edible, really! - Look it up in the dictionary! (don't worry, we've looked it up for you.)**

If you insist on edible contents, try using some Smarties, Tic Tacs, Altoids, etc.

An image of Professor Freud ponders the psychotically good flavor while resting upon his fainting couch.

**From Merriam-Webster (https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/confection):
Confection is a word that refers to something confected—that is, put together—from several different ingredients or elements. Often confections are sweet and edible, but confection can also be used to refer to a finely worked piece of craftsmanship.

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