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Flock of 5 Natural Birch Bark Birds

Flock of 5 Natural Birch Bark Birds

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How can you not appreciate the beauty of birch bark? So many colors, so much texture, it is just perfect for so many things.

This flock of birds has been cut from natural birch bark. Each bird similar to the next, yet different all the same. 

What will you use these birds for? A collage? An assemblage? An ornament? Home decor? Other? All of the above? 

Each bird measures about 2-1/2 long by 1-1/8 inch high (about 62 mm by 30 mm). You will receive 5 birds per flock that you purchase.

As these are made from a natural material, please allow for some variance in color and size. So please, let us choose for you.

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