Flower Fairys Scraps - Set #1
Flower Fairys Scraps - Set #1

Flower Fairys Scraps - Set #1

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* Made in England

Published in the first half of the 20th century, the Flower Fairies books, created by Cicely Mary Barker, are still beloved world wide. Flower fairies are tiny (none taller than 8 inches) and live in the forest, marshes, gardens and such. Most of the images were originally created in watercolor and many have been used in all types of applications from towels to books to household décor. These lovely Victorian-style scraps are images of Ms Barkers that will help you create some charming projects.

Set One includes:

Black Medick Fairies Heliotrope Fairy Sweet Pea Fairies
Candy Tuft Fairy Zinnia Fairy Guelder Rose Fairies
Canterbury Bell Fairy Phlox Fairy Almond Blossom Fairy
Gorse Fairies White Bindweed Fairy Tansy Fairy

The scrap relief sheet is approximately 9 inches by 7 inches, ready for you to clip and use in your artwork. And each sheet is lightly embossed to accent the  images. This piece is well trimmed with expert die cutting in vignette, just as the original Flower Fairies were pictured.

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