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Foolish Dictionary

Foolish Dictionary

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* Made in England
Executed in 1904 by Gideon Wurdz, the Master of Pholly, Doctor of Loquacious Lunacy, Fellow of the Royal Gibe Society, etc., etc. Now we have this fine reproduction of The Foolish Dictionary:

An exhausting work of
reference to un-certain
English words, their
origin, meaning, legiti-
mate and illegitimate
use, confused by

A few examples for your enjoyment:
  • ABSTINENCE  From the Persian ab, water and stein, or tankard. Hence, water-tankard, or "water wagon."
  • BY STANDER  One who is injured in a street fight.
  • FISHING  An heroic treatment tried by some laymen to avoid falling asleep in church on Sunday.
  • PARAGON  The model man a woman regrets she gave up for the one she mistakenly married.
  • SINNER  A stupid person who gets found out.
This keepsake** reference is a bound paperback with 160 pages. It measures about 7 inches by a touch over 4-1/4 inches.

** Something given us by someone we've forgotten.

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