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Full-Color Cigar Labels - Permission Free Images - CD-ROM & Book

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Masterpieces of early commercial art, the early twentieth-century labels that once adorned cigar boxes encompassed a wide range of artistic vignettes. Admired for their fine detail and decorative flourishes, they included images of lovely ladies, handsome cowboys and sailors, dogs, eagles, racehorses and other miniature works of art. Many and varied cigar brands from around the world are represented in this fine collection.

This set includes a CD-ROM containing 89 full-color royalty-free images. All are saved in high-resolution TIFF and Internet Ready-JPG formats. System requirements are Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista or any version of Macintosh and a CD-ROM drive. The book includes all of the images printed large and clearly on one side of the page only and numbered for easy reference and direct cut-and-paste use.

Commercial artists and designers will find this collection a superb source of graphics. Collagists, découpeurs and other craftspeople will want to add these design aids to their personal libraries.

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