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Fun House Mirror Paper - Make Your Own Circus Fun

Fun House Mirror Paper - Make Your Own Circus Fun

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Made in USA

At one time all amusement parts had a FUN HOUSE! - And one of the features of the FUN HOUSE was a section with curved mirrors which distorted the image of the person's body who was passing in front of the mirrors.

Now you can create the same effect yourself with this mirrored paper by looking into it and bending, tilting and twisting the mirror in different directions. The most fun happens when you open and close your mouth!

Our little wind up frog couldn't wind himself up to leave, he was having so much fun!

It's a good idea to use cotton gloves or paper towels when manipulating the mirror, so that it doesn't show any fingerprint smudges.

It measures approximately 5 by 7 inches and is recommended for children of all ages over 8 years old!

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