Genuine Vintage Copper Indian Head Penny BUTTON
Genuine Vintage Copper Indian Head Penny BUTTON

Genuine Vintage Copper Indian Head Penny BUTTON

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Made from genuine American co…
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Made from genuine American copper Indian head cents from yesteryear, you'll just love these buttons for clothing, book closures, bracelet and necklace clasps and more. These are made from real copper pennies and have a shank on the reverse to allow for attaching to you final project.

Of course each of these is different as they are authentic pennies that have been circulated for commerce, so the wear on each will be different and dates on each vary. They've been highly polished and will be perfect for use right away! Because these coins are no longer minted (they were only produced between 1859 and 1909), they will make any project ever the more special.

We especially love these because of the coins themselves: centered on the front is an engraved Indian head with a feather bonnet. On the band of the bonnet is the word


- a message of the utmost importance. The Indian head cent is not just collectible for its beauty, but for its historic meaning - at the time it was circulated, it was one of the very few coins that Americans had available to them for transacting business.

Two buttons are shown for illustration only.

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