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German Bleigiessen Set for New Year Celebrations (Bleigießen)

German Bleigiessen Set for New Year Celebrations (Bleigießen)

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Made in Germany


Limited Availability, Discontinued by Manufacturer

We just love the different traditions throughout the world. New Year's Bleigiessen (Bleigießen) is the Austrian and German custom of pouring molten lead into water and reading the results as though they were tea leaves - so that you can foretell your next year. When the hot lead touches the water, curious shapes are formed. The word Bleigiessen is literally translated as "pour lead."

Reading the shapes in a big chunk is most of the fun - it's almost like reading the clouds in the sky! For example, if you find a ship or boat, perhaps you are destined for a long journey, probably by sea.

Each set includes:

* 7 hollow lead figures (images may vary)
* 1 melting spoon
* directions in German (we'll include the directions in English)
* meaning chart in German (we'll include our own list in English)

Just place one of the lead pieces on the spoon. Hold the spoon over a candle. Once  melted, pour the lead into cold water. Now the fun begins! Determine what the melted lead resembles and interpret the fortune with the chart. It is also the custom to hold the lead figure a candle and interpret the shape of the shadow it casts. After all, what happens in the new year and your knowledge of it are important matters!

Packaging and individual leads may vary slightly, but the product is the same.

The pieces to melt contain 87% lead, and are not suited for the use by children of 14 or younger. Adult supervision is a must. Please use in a well ventilated area - like outside. Lead is toxic if ingested.

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