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Gilded St Jude Holy Cards - Patron Saint of Impossible Causes - Package of 5

Gilded St Jude Holy Cards - Patron Saint of Impossible Causes - Package of 5

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Made in Italy
Saint Jude is probably one of the most popular saints amongst Catholics and other believers today. He is the Patron Saint of lost or impossible causes. It is believed that this patronage has been derived from the confusion by many early Christians between Jude and Judas not understanding the difference in the names. No one ever prayed for Jude's help, and devotion to him became something of a lost cause.

 Made famous by comedian Danny Thomas, St Jude has come to represent hope and much more than just lost causes. St Jude's Children's Research Hospital, created by Danny Thomas after his prayer was heard, provides treatment for children who suffer from catastrophic medical conditions, without regard to the family's ability to pay.

Each of the 5 cards in this package is the same and features a lovely image of St Jude on the front, accented with metallic ink and foil.

On the back, a prayer to Saint Jude:

St. Jude, glorious Apostle, faithful servant and friend of Jesus,
the name of the traitor has caused you to be forgotten by many
but the true Church invokes you universally as the Patron
of things despaired of; pray for me, who am so miserable;
pray for me that finally I may receive the consolations
and the help of Heaven in all my necessities,
tribulations and sufferings, particularly (***there make your request***),
and that I may bless God with the Elect throughout Eternity.

St. Jude Apostle, martyr and relative of our Lord Jesus Christ,
of Mary and Joseph, intercede for us.

Each package contains five holy cards measuring 2-1/4 inches wide by 4 inches high.

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