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Glittered Heart Bucket Shelf Sitter

Glittered Heart Bucket Shelf Sitter

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Won't your special someone be surprised when you give them this for Valentine's Day? Of course, you could also give it to them on your anniversary, or any other day just because. 

This glittered red heart is ready to let your special someone know how you feel. Making this heart even more special, is that it has a pair of red glittered gams (legs). The words BE MINE are written in gold glitter alongside a gold glittered heart. Finally, a pair of gold glittered high heels were added to complete the look. 

The heart comes attached to a flat bottom so as to make it easier to sit on a shelf, desk, or wherever your special someone wishes to keep it. You can even add flowers, candy or some other special surprise inside of the heart because it doubles as a box. 

The heart also includes a hanging wire that is highlighted by a red glittered heart in the middle of it.

The heart measures about 5 inches tall by 6 inches wide by 3 inches deep. The legs add about 2 inches to the depth and 2 inches in height. The hanging wire adds about 4 inches to the height.

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