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Gold-Plated Medium Krausbouillion Crinkle Wire by the Strand

Gold-Plated Medium Krausbouillion Crinkle Wire by the Strand

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Made in Pakistan


Limited Availability, Discontinued by Manufacturer

Similar to our real German krausbouillion, this less expensive alternative is great for recreating vintage holiday ornaments and other crafts. It is also great to use as tinsel on a holiday tree.

This brand new golden crinkle wire is made in a similar manner to the German variety, but is less expensive as it is gold-plated copper. There is a slight spiral look to this wonderful stuff - and it is still stretchable - just like the vintage type and the German-produced gold wire.

We love the zig-zag look to this thicker bullion. Each strand is about 13 inches long. The diameter of our stunning wide golden krausbouillion is around 2.5 mm (not quite 1/8 inch wide).  Each strand is individually packaged.

We're showing the krausbouillion as it arrives on the left and, on the right, a portion of it stretched.

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