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Gold Plated Stigmata Charm

Gold Plated Stigmata Charm

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Made in Mexico

It has been recorded that some very holy people, especially some of the Saints have the Stigmata. Stigmata are bodily marks or sores in the same areas as the wounds that were suffered by Jesus during his crucifixion.

This charm represents the hand of Jesus as it was nailed to the cross. It symbolizes many different things in different cultures, although they are all related. It is sometimes called the Lucky Hand. It has also been used as a medal attached to the Mano Poderosa (All Powerful Hand of God) amulet bag made by Curanderos and used in other Folk Religions in the same manner.

We are showing 2 charms so that you might see the front and back. The red enamel (representing blood) has been added by hand to the wound area of the hand and varies in size and shape.

Although the pain associated with Stigmata is intense, it is generally though of as a glorifying miracle. Many of the favorite Saints that are revered in the Christian tradition are blessed with the Stigmata including (there are many more):

Saint Francis of Assisi - (Padre) Saint Pio - Saint Clare
Saint Gertrude - Saint Lucy - Saint Veronica

Each charm measures 1-1/8 inch from wrist to longest fingertip and 15/16 from thumb to little finger.

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