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Golden Dorje Pendant in Antiqued Brass

Golden Dorje Pendant in Antiqued Brass

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Made in Thailand

The dorje (Tibetan) represents the thunderbolt of enlightenment - the epiphany - that causes an abrupt change in human behavior due to a new or renewed consciousness. Most religions worldwide celebrate such enlightenment as a pivotal episode in the lives of mystics, saints and shamans. But, anyone might have such experience - sharing the notion that we are all one in possibility.

The enlightenment helps the individual detach from the personal importance of self, romance, money, food and even life. This allows one's inner happiness to prevail, allowing the enlightened to recognize and celebrate that s/he is part of the one - the creation.

Our pendant measures 1-3/4 inch long including the loop by 9/16 inch wide and has a substantial feel.

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