Gorgeous Buddha's Feet Pendant
Gorgeous Buddha's Feet Pendant

Gorgeous Buddha's Feet Pendant

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* Made in Thailand

The Buddha's or Guru's feet are also called Padukas (the footprints of the gods). Feet represent the surrender to the guidance of the Guru, the spiritual teacher; the Buddha himself to be honored.

Bowing to touch the feet of an elder or teacher shows a great sign of respect given to the feet in Buddhism and other religions. You'll often find such bowing, washing and kissing as symbols of reverence in the Catholic Church. There is a connection to us all.

Our pendant features Buddha's feet surrounded by lotus leaves and topped with a lotus bloom atop. The lotus is a Buddhist symbol of fortune and enlightenment, as its beauty is mystifying due to its lowly beginnings in murky water and the beautiful blooms.

Equally beautiful as jewelry or as an art element in a shrine or assemblage, this unique piece is conservatively priced for such elegant craftsmanship.

This striking pendant measures 7/8 inch wide by 1-1/4 inch long. Made of vitreous enamel, each pendant is assembled by hand, so please allow for some variability.

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