Gorgeous Les Oiseaux d'une Plume Gift Tag
Les Oiseaux d'une Plume Gift Tag (Front)

Gorgeous Les Oiseaux d'une Plume Gift Tag

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Victorian magic and beauty - so complex, so desirable. We offer a handsomely fashioned die cut and hand glittered gift tag.

You'll find images of lovely ladies with fantastical hats with images of sweet birds, an empty cage (so the birds are free to fly!), a secret friend envelope (is there a billet doux inside?), feathers and ribbons, roses and sparkles.

 As far as we know, it is one of a kind.

This finely made tag has been created by hand and embellished with hand-applied iridescent glitter - oh, how much more special. You can secure it to your gift with the silken pink ribbon, protecting the card from slipping or tearing by a small pink rivet of sorts.

On the back, oh so pretty, is a sweet reproduction print of a Victorian book end paper.

We are delighted to present this to you for any reason - just as you may send it to a loved one ever so special.

On the front, with an outstanding flourish:

Les Oiseaux d'une Plume
(Birds of a Feather)

And a faux envelope or postcard, reading

Forget Not Your Friend


  • Width: 7 inches
  • Length: 5 inches
  • Ribbon Length: 9 inches as shown

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