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Grab Bag of 25 Vintage Gold Metal-Washed Hard Plastic Novelty Charms

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These 1/2 inch charms belie their price! They are really plastic charms that have been gold-washed to resemble real metal charms. Pre-assortments only. These are vintage gumball charms from the mid 20th century.

Our photo shows a big batch of charms. You'll get 25 in your package. Some possibilities are airplanes, the Statue of Liberty, clocks, gloves, pigs, geese, suitcases, old fashioned telephones, mushrooms, lobsters and more! These are prepackaged so that you'll be sure to get a nice mixture, although there may be some duplicates.

Such charms as these were made as novelty items, you'll see some that are less than perfect.

These are New Old Stock - never used. We found them at an old Brooklyn novelty company years ago. Sadly they have closed their doors after 100 years in the business. We expect that these charms are mid-century (1940s-1950s).

Each set of 25 is different. This is a lucky dip, a grabbag. So, we cannot offer individual charms.

Not for Children.

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