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Grab Bag of Vintage Lace and Trims - 10 Yards & More in a Lavender Embroidered Muslin Bag

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We've taken a large 5-3/4 by 9-3/4 inch muslin bag that is embroidered with a delicate image of gorgeous lavender and filled it to the brim with more than 10 yards of vintage lace and trims.

Some of the pieces date back as early as the 1920s; some is from the 1980s and some from lots of times in between. We've included new old stock, reclaimed pieces, handmade and machine made items. There is beaded fringe, regular fringe, maybe even suede or Ultrasuede trim. There might be a doily or a cuff, or part of a tatted edging. Each bag is full of different items.

Most pieces measure 6, 12 or 18 inches, some are larger and some are smaller. But it all adds up to 10 or more yards. We've also included a bundle of vintage paper forget-me-nots in bright blues, pinks and white and a vintage sewing notion (maybe twill tape, bias tape, gimp, or...).

The pieces are from around the world: France, Italy, USA, Japan and more. This is perfect for your altered art, for doll clothes, for collecting and for fun. Why not capture a small piece of lace under a plastic or glass cabochon (or with resin) and make a romantic necklace. Or, add it to industrial items for that feminine steampunk look!

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