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Grabbag of 3 VINTAGE Fabric Masks with NEW Elastics
Grabbag of 3 VINTAGE Fabric Masks with NEW Elastics

Grabbag of 3 VINTAGE Fabric Masks with NEW Elastics

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We love the fabric masks from the 1950s. They were made with cotton or linen fabric and stiffener and molded over mask models for their shape. Masks made today are usually plastic - and even the fabric ones feature plastic bases. Not so with these!

We were lucky enough to buy a bunch of these wonderful masks, but some of them are seconds. But, they'd be perfect for altering or adorning.

They arrived without elastics, which is just as well considering the elastic was made of rubber and would probably have deteriorated right onto the masks.

So we've added 10-inch barbed elastics for you to add to your masks if you chose to wear them or place them on an art doll or mannequin. The barbs are made of metal and slide easily through the pre-punched holes in the masks.

The lighter masks arrive with white elastics and the darker ones with black elastics. The elastics are wrapped in fabric thread for comfort, making it easier on the wearer's hair!

These are vintage masks, so you might want to test them to be sure that you have no allergy to the adhesive.

We're showing several masks so that you might see the possible colors.

Each of these groups have been pre-assorted, so please let us choose a package of 3 for you.

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