Grabbag of Dresdens & Scraps in 2 Sizes - Freshly Made
Small - 10 pieces

Grabbag of Dresdens & Scraps in 2 Sizes - Freshly Made

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If you love grab bags and you love Victorian Scraps & Dresdens, then you'll be delighted with these bags.

The bags are available in 2 sizes. There are always extras in each package.
  • SMALL - 10 pieces - 1/2 inch to 4 inches
  • LARGE - 5 pieces - 3 inches to 10 inches
There is some variation in size of the individual scraps/Dresdens; They are all wonderful. Included are:
  • vintage and/or antique produced scraps
  • vintage Dresden foiled pieces
  • modern reproduction scraps
  • modern reproduction Dresdens
  • vintage scraps cut from magazines and newspapers from vintage & antique scrapbooks
Most of the pieces are made in Germany and England. Some are from the USA, and just a few from Denmark and other European countries.

Add glitter (maybe German glass glitter) or natural mica to accent some of your pieces for extra charm.

We are showing sample assortments. Yours will be an assortment of your own! Each package is different.

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