Greeting Box - Happy Birthday (Open Me!)
Happy Birthday (Open Me!)

Greeting Box - Happy Birthday (Open Me!)

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* Made in China

A charming paper box adorned with a vintage image of a party hat opens for the best surprise! When your recipient examines the Alice in Wonderland Open Me tag, and pulls - the box top opens and one letter at a time (letterpressed on paper discs) appears - spelling out HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The letters are joined together with elegant twill ribbon. The box measures 2-5/8 inches in diameter. And - it can be passed along to the next birthday celebrant over and so on and so on.

This wonderfully unique design is part of Wendy Addison's Parlour Magic Collection, based on Victorian paper treasures of long ago, but with a modern touch.

Box with horse and rider not available. Pens not included.

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