Grow Your Own Boss
Grow Your Own Boss

Grow Your Own Boss

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Are you tired of being underpaid, overworked and belittled, then why not grow your own boss?!? In fact, if you don't like your boss' gender, then why not get a new boss of the other sex?

Now you can take your anger out on your boss - without getting arrested!

TOP TEN REASONS why you need a new boss:

10 - Come and go as you please.
9 - Don't have to listen to ranting & raving.
8 - You get the big office with a view - s/he gets the tiny cubicle.
7 - Appreciates you and your work.
6 - No more overtime.
5 - Makes own coffee.
4 - No brown-nosing necessary.
3 - Doesn't gripe about your expense account.
2 - Won't say, "no" to a raise.
#1 - If s/he really annoys you, fire this boss & get another!

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