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Grow a Fortune Cookie

Grow a Fortune Cookie

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Made in China

Now, we're not quite sure why you'd want to grow one - when you get free fortune cookies with most Chinese dinners. But, just in case you it is!

The graphics are lots of fun. It reads:

Attention Future Seekers. Your fortune and fate await you inside this very package. Grow the cookie for three days and then read your fortune. Beware if you read your fortune before the cookie is fully grown your fortune will not come true. Patience is the key to sealing your fate and making your fortune come true.

The package also reads:

Guaranteed accurate.
If you don't like your fortune all you  need to do is buy another one.

Well, we're not ready to make that kind of guarantee, but we will say that you'll get a laugh if you present this as a gag gift to someone who needs a chuckle.

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