Guadalupe Vinyl Tote Bag by Borges
Guadalupe Vinyl Tote Bag by Borges

Guadalupe Vinyl Tote Bag by Borges

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From an elegant woodblock design of Nuestra Virgen de Guadalupe by noted Latino artist José Francisco Borges, you'll find our small tote bag just the perfect size for a gift or short trip to the market.

This fashionable tote is made of sturdy vinyl and measures just around 10-3/4 inches wide by almost 12 inches high (and 3-1/2 inches deep). The handle is long enough that you might choose to put it over your shoulder! The entire bolsa is about 23-1/2 inches long including the handles.

The bag is handmade and you'll find some slight difference in size

There will be an additional charge to ship this outside the USA. If you want to know how much it will be before you order, please CONTACT US for an estimate.

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