HIstory of the American Steam Fire-Engine
HIstory of the American Steam Fire-Engine

HIstory of the American Steam Fire-Engine

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The steam-powered pumps first brought into use on fire engines in the early 19th century seemed like miracles of modern technology. Before that, the pumps had been operated by hand - yielding such weak streams of water that sometimes the engines were destroyed by fire because their short range made it necessary to move them close t the flames. No wonder that steam fire engines - when they began to be supplanted by newer technology at the century's end - were referred to by firefighters as "good and faithful servants."

This volume, first published over a century ago, includes more than 100 rare illustrations of 70 of these antique fire fighting vehicles - beginning with the very first steam fire engine, the "Novelty," built by George Braithwaite in London in 1829. Other intriguing, picturesque machines include Braithwaite's "Comet," built for the King of Prussia in 1832; the Manhattan No. 8 of New York City, built by Lee & Larned; the Hurricane No. 13 of Philadelphia, by Chapman; the Northern Liberty No. 8 of Boston, by Jucket & Freeman; and many more.

Detailed descriptions include information on const, construction, water capacity, and other data for each engine. The result is a fascinating chronicle that will delight transportation and fire fighting buffs and will be invaluable to artists and craftspeople in need of authentic, copyright-free period illustrations.

This is an unabridged republication of the edition published by the author in 1896. Over 100 black-and-white illustrations.

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