Half Full Letterpress Note Card
Half Full Letterpress Note Card

Half Full Letterpress Note Card

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We just love letterpress cards and letters. The elegance of vintage stationery is all but forgotten. We're simply delighted that some smaller companies are offering the same high-quality papers and designs with a modern touch - so we can offer them to you! And, of course, because it is letterpress, you can feel the letters with your fingers.

These letterpress notes are printed by hand on antique letterpresses. The illustrations are engraved into magnesium plates. The cards are placed by hand into the press where the images are transferred by relief method, creating an impression you can see and feel. What an inspirational message:

half full

So, if the receiver dare interpret it otherwise by picture alone, s/he will be made aware by the sentiment. The card measures 3-1/2 by 5 inches and is accompanied by a faux wood print envelope.

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